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November 2018

We handle fusion splicing as well as small campus underground and above ground construction of Multimode and Single mode fiber optics.

This is a shot from a camera mounted to a barge gate hydraulic tower.

We handle marine grade security system installs. Ready for the elements.

We install inside & outside mounted security cameras with optical zoom, motion detected recording, multi-level user permissions, iOS and Android remote App support & many more features.

May 2018

We build custom fit industrial grade terminals for crane operators. We strive to meet or exceed the most demanding specs.

We handle the network and technology platforms. All the way down to the handheld scanners that interface with your terminal operating system.

March 2018

Here is an example of a common configuration for lower WiFi control box.

February 2018

Here is another picture showing a column mounted NEMA enclosure for WiFi control.

Here is a custom NEMA box with magnetic mounting used for a secure VPN tunnel to serve data to WiFi devices like handheld scanners and tablets in a marine / dockside environment.

Security Camera installation - inside warehouse.

Here is a NEMA 4 rated box install for network equipment in harsh marine environment.

January 2018

Here is a very common installation of a network cabinet and communications board.

October 2015

Here is a security and systems control room installation.