Shipping & Dockside

November 2018

Fiber Optic Termination


We handle fusion splicing as well as small campus underground and above ground construction of Multimode and Single mode fiber optics.

Fiber Optic Termination2018-11-07T11:45:37-06:00

IP Based Security Cameras


We install inside & outside mounted security cameras with optical zoom, motion detected recording, multi-level user permissions, iOS and Android remote App support & many more features.

IP Based Security Cameras2018-11-07T11:49:15-06:00

May 2018

Crane Cab Terminal


We build custom fit industrial grade terminals for crane operators. We strive to meet or exceed the most demanding specs.

Crane Cab Terminal2018-08-12T11:50:06-06:00

March 2018

February 2018

Cellular WiFi Hotspot


Here is a custom NEMA box with magnetic mounting used for a secure VPN tunnel to serve data to WiFi devices like handheld scanners and tablets in a marine / dockside environment.

Cellular WiFi Hotspot2018-08-12T12:12:53-06:00