January 2019

Wall mounted gas-assisted floating HD Pan Viewer


Another great Pan Viewer install.  This is also used as the Pano acquisition machine for this 3D Pano.  The proximity to the Pano, the large HD display, and the speed of the workstation make this unit an ideal multi-purpose attractive workstation to complement what is a technology centerpiece in a 3D Pano.

Wall mounted gas-assisted floating HD Pan Viewer2019-01-30T18:36:52-06:00

May 2018

Kids Hygiene Bay


Kid friendly hygiene bay with ceiling mounted TVs to keep them pleasantly distracted. Bluetooth headphones were also installed per chair.

Kids Hygiene Bay2018-05-09T15:39:13-06:00

OP Sit-Stand Workstation


This is a gas assisted floating workstation for the operatory environment. The stow-able system accommodates from a 24" HD LED up to a 32" HD LED monitor, keyboard and mouse.

OP Sit-Stand Workstation2018-05-09T14:49:05-06:00

March 2018

January 2018

Stand up Tech Terminal


This is a stand up Technician Terminal with a larger 24" touchscreen and very flexible ergonomics to accommodate various sized personnel.

Stand up Tech Terminal2018-08-12T12:09:11-06:00